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Feb 27, 2015 /// Kenny Dope extended mix of Shy As A Butterfly

Kenny Dope extended mix of Shy As A Butterfly

This is likely to be the next 7-inch single, a Kay-Dee / Ubiquity release with the extended mix at 33rpm on one side, and the regular mix at 45rpm on the other. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. What an honour to have Kenny Dope work with the material..!

Feb 27, 2015 /// Interview on Wax Poetics

Interview on Wax Poetics

We have an interview in Wax Poetics, discussing our new album as The Mighty Sceptres, with a premiere of the album track ‘Sting Like A Bee’ – read all about it here, and stream the track below! The album, produced by Chris Pedley (The Baker Brothers) and mixed by Ben Lamdin (Nostalgia 77), was released [...]

Jul 10, 2014 /// Cultshare Exhibition

Cultshare Exhibition

A few shots of my piece for the recent Cultshare exhibition at the Fish Factory. Cultshare is a social network, setup by my friend George, where people can share their favourite films, art, books, music etc. Artists were invited to create an artwork inspired by a Cultshare post – I chose this post on Project Thirty-Three, [...]

Jul 03, 2014 /// Stereophonic Sound: Vol 14

Stereophonic Sound: Vol 14

Very happy to have the debut single, Fish In The Sea featured on this vid with Jordan Hoffart riding for Chris Pastras’s Stereo Skateboards

Jul 03, 2014 /// The Feeling Sublime

The Feeling Sublime

Whoops, seems like a long time since a blog post! That’s what having children does to you I guess. Here’s a little vid put together by good friends John and Mathilda Eldridge, for long time friend and musical collaborator, Angeline Morrison, now signed to Freestyle Records! You can pick up her album or single here. [...]

Oct 30, 2012 /// Heartlands Art Dump

Heartlands Art Dump

Over the summer A-side Studio commissioned a series of works to feature around the site of Heartlands, a regeneration project set in the mining areas of Pool and Camborne. I worked on a collaboration with Tim Lake to produce these birds for the fences surrounding the gardens. We just hope the seagull wind vane survives the winter [...]

Oct 30, 2012 /// Hip Wigglers

Hip Wigglers

September was a month of throwback goodness, with Goodwood Revival and the Hip Wigglers Invitational within the space of 2 weeks. Organised by James Parry, the Hip Wigglers showcases some stylish noseriding from some of the best traditional loggers in the country. This year the talent was taken up a level with some international invitees, [...]

Oct 30, 2012 /// Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival

My uncle (pictured at the top) happens to be a very good racing driver, and has been invited to race some pretty nice cars in his time. Goodwood Revival has been going since the 90s, and this time round he was driving in the Shelby Cup, a 2 driver race celebrating the 50th birthday of [...]

Jun 29, 2012 /// Vintage Surf Meet 2012

Vintage Surf Meet 2012

This year’s Vintage Surf Meet is all set to take place again at Lusty Glaze on the 14th July. Pleasure to be asked to do the artwork again, this time with John Isaac’s Model A Ford, which was turning a few heads last year. Organised by Al, who runs a vintage surfboard blog, the event [...]

May 25, 2012 /// Soup Presents…

Soup Presents...

Looking forward to this one. I picked up some really great rare 45s recently, so expect a hip swinging set of Northern Soul and old R&B dancefloor goodness, plus whatever else finds it’s way into the box. And when I say old R&B, I mean the real deal from the 50s and early 60s; NOT [...]

May 09, 2012 /// The Allah Las

The Allah Las

Great new stuff from the West Coast, produced by Nick Waterhouse, whose debut LP you should be checking out too. Bit late on the uptake with the first couple of singles, but grab the new one while you can…

Mar 15, 2012 /// The Cold Man & The Sea

The Cold Man & The Sea

Chris and Ross catching their dinner. Film, edit and soundtrack by Chris Mannell (with additional filming by Robin Mawhood). Nice to hear Chris making music for his own films.

Mar 12, 2012 /// Liam Bailey

Liam Bailey

Picked up the 45 for this a while back on the mighty fine Truth & Soul Records - The Dynamic Set featuring Liam Bailey, who I think have a new single coming out soon. In the meantime, make sure you pick up the latest from Lee Fields & The Expressions on the same label.

Mar 09, 2012 /// Panama


Apologies for the lack of posts of late – just got back from a trip to Central America chasing waves, offshore islands and tropical fish. Panama is a beautiful country with some stunning islands. Nice enough to pop the question to my long time partner of 6 years and lovely lady (pictured above), who a [...]

Jan 03, 2012 /// B-side Seaside

B-side Seaside

Another beautiful video, shot and edited by Chris Mannell, featuring B-side Seaside from the debut Frootful LP, and some nice sliding by Sam (from the forthcoming movie, Skimming the Surface). Playing the low notes on this track, by the way, is none other than Damon Minchella, who it is rumoured might replace Mani as Primal Scream’s [...]

Jan 03, 2012 /// Gig Photos

Gig Photos

A few shots of our gig at Miss Peapods while on tour last month by Maf. Thanks to everyone who came along to any of the shows – shame a couple of the dates were cancelled; especially the London show, cancelled last minute due to a power failure on the whole of New Oxford Street [...]

Nov 07, 2011 /// New Single

New Single

Out today on Freestyle Records, the new single features a reworking of Slowtime, the album track Latin Strut, plus a remix of Slowtime by Lack of Afro. Available as a 12-inch and digital download, Freestyle have a bundle offer here. There are also 45 limited edition copies, with a sleeve screenprinted by hand (pictured above), available with [...]

Nov 02, 2011 /// Exhibitions and Tour Dates

Exhibitions and Tour Dates

The Frootful Art Ensemble is now in full effect, with some exhibitions and live dates over the next couple of months. I picked up some limited edition tour posters while up in London, with designs from myself, Bobby Telegramme and Millie Marotta; all beautifully hand screenprinted by Loligo at OPEN. The prints currently feature in the [...]

Sep 26, 2011 /// This Time

This Time

Out today, This Time is the new album from Freestyle label mate, producer of the debut Frootful LP, and all round talented amigo, Adam Gibbons (aka Lack of Afro). The album is surely his finest and most diverse yet, with a wide range of guesting vocalists, including Angeline Morrison (who also features on the Frootful [...]

Sep 22, 2011 /// Soul-A-Rama


The flyers I did for The Vine‘s third birthday party are back from print. Looking forward to this one – a 50s themed night with bowling and music from myself and Myles. Been digging out all sorts of old R&B, doo-wop and rock n roll for the occasion. Can’t wait! More recent flyers can be [...]

Sep 21, 2011 /// Port Eliot

Port Eliot

Just got these photos through from our performance at Port Eliot in July, with thanks to Angeline and Maf. Love the backstage atmosphere captured here – you can check out more of Maf’s photography work by going to

Sep 19, 2011 /// The Chief

The Chief

Love this video from The Colman Brothers – the track being a tribute to the masters of the soundtrack genre. If you happen to be driving through the streets of San Francisco, Paris or Rome in a vintage ride, make sure you have this playing. Check out their self-titled album out now on Wah Wah [...]

Sep 06, 2011 /// Hip Wiggler Invitational

Hip Wiggler Invitational

BIG thanks go to James Parry, for organising and running the first Hip Wiggler Invitational – an event showcasing traditional longboarding on single fin logs here in the UK. Team Empire were humbled to be among the 16 participants, with a couple of invites for Alex and myself. The early rounds were held in some [...]

Jul 12, 2011 /// Surf Meet

Surf Meet

Got a little snappy happy with all the vintage surfboard logos basking in the sun at the surf meet the other day, so here’s a little selection. There was a great turnout, and the waves even turned on too. Thanks to Al and Sean for organising the event, and also Gavin for screenprinting the poster. [...]

Jun 23, 2011 /// Kook 2

Kook 2

Hot off the press, KooK (issue deux) from Dan and Alex is an independent surfing newspaper with almost 90 global contributors, including a few amigos from the UK. Look out for my illustration accompanying an extract from Sam Bleakley‘s book, Jimmy Bodean‘s shots from our Hebrides trip, Myles‘s quiver, and ‘Rad Nickford’ holding a fine [...]

Jun 15, 2011 /// Vintage Surf Meet

Vintage Surf Meet

Seem to have been doing a lot of flyers recently – here’s another one, this time for an event organised by Al. Expect possibly the largest collection of vintage surfboards amassed in one place in the UK ever..!

Jun 15, 2011 /// There Is No Ending

There Is No Ending

I shall be guesting with The Ambassadors of Sorrow this weekend for the launch of their new LP, There Is No Ending (artwork by yours truly) and playing a few sides to warm up the show. Please come along if you can make it…

May 25, 2011 /// Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Bit of a random one, but The Frootful Art Ensemble were invited to play at the Homebase Cornish Memories Garden during the celebrity packed Chelsea Flower Show press day. We didn’t make it onto any BBC coverage, but I did catch HRH The Queen saying this. Don’t say she didn’t, if you click on the [...]